Our Services


15-20 Minute Potty Break

This is for the Fuzz Babies that don't need a lot of exercise in the middle of the day or aren't interested in melting away in the Texas heat. We'll stop in for a quick trip outside so your sweetie can go potty and get a little fresh air. This can be a walk around the neighborhood or a little back yard play, whatever your pup prefers!

30 Minute Walk

Offering a little more time outside to stretch their legs and get their sniff on! We'll take an energetic stroll around your neighborhood (or with a nearby pup pal if your buddy likes to socialize) and get a nice quality break from the indoors. Discounts available for weekly waggers!

45-60 Minute Walk

So if your dog(s) have A LOT of energy or just need extra love, we would be happy to take them out for an extended walk or run! This is an especially good option for social pups who would like to join their loving walker on other dog walks and gallivant around town like the cool pups they are! If your buddy isn't interested in gossiping with their local Fuzz friends, but still would love a long excursion outside, no problem, we would love to spend some quality time with your pooch!

90 Minute Park Play

Does your dog LOVE to socialize, play ball, or just run like a maniac? How bout a fun trip to the dog park? We'll scoop up your poop machine and take them to your local enclosed dog park to run and play and have an extra great day! Only available for pups that play well with others. Discounts available for a group trip with neighboring party pups!

Out of Town Check-in

A daily check-in to see how your kitties or independent pups are doing. We'll stop by once a day to fill up the food and water bowls, clean out the litter box, administer medications, bring in the mail, water the plants, rotate the lights, turn on Animal Planet for your couch potato and of course, provide a loving snuggle while you're away! These visits can be anywhere from 15 minutes to a full hour, depending on your needs! See the Rates page for pricing.

Multi Visit Pet Sit

While you are out of town, we will ensure your best buds are keeping to their regular schedule with 2-4 visits a day depending on your preference. This includes everything our Out of Town Check-In includes as well as dog walks & potty breaks! Anything you need to ensure your Fuzz Babies are as comfortable as possible while you are away!

Fuzzy Slumber Party

Tip top care while you are away! They might not even notice you're gone! We will come over for dinner, stay the night with your special buds (includes all night cuddles!) and enjoy a lovely morning meal. You wont have to worry about your beloved pet feeling alone and left behind, because we will be here! These slumber parties are a minimum of 12 hours. Mid-day walks and checks-ins can be added as well so your sweetie will only go without a friend for a small amount of time during the day.

Pet Taxi

Having a hard time getting to the groomer, the vet, doggy day care, or pick up/ drop off from boarding? We've got you! Pet Taxi is available to get your pets wherever they need to go when you just need a little help from a friend! We'll even pick up pet food and supplies for you if you just can't quite make it to the store. We are here for you!

Additional Services

Not seeing an option for what you need? Feel free to contact us, we would be happy to work with you and your pets to make your lives easier! It never hurts to ask!