Our Story

Owner Aliya Freyberg has been caring for the pets of Austin for over 8 years. It is her passion and she is 100% committed to providing the best care for your animals. She started out working for a larger pet sitting company and decided to break away and start her own business to provide the most personalized pet care available. Aliya has 3 animals of her own, an 14 year old cat named Olive Juice (featured below) a 9 year old cat named Puffin (featured on the Rates page) and 8 year old Charlie, a beautiful 120lb German Shepherd (featured on the Services page) Aliya realizes how important it is to feel safe and worry free when someone is stepping up to care for your animals and that is exactly why she started this business. Her dedication and compassion shines through and is known for bringing nervous or shy pets at ease quickly with her comforting charm. She has never met an animal she didn't like and finds getting to know each individual pets quirks and personalities to be one of the greatest joys in life!


Currently Aliya is the main care giver at Fuzz Baby, however she has a team of fellow experienced pet sitters that are available to fill in when her schedule is full. You will never have to worry about someone not being there for your pet, if its not Aliya, it will be someone she knows, trusts, and has trained herself. We do our best to insure that you will have the same sub each time so you and your pet will not have to go through the process of meeting a new sitter time and time again. However this will be a rare occurrence as Aliya is a full time sitter and all of her time is dedicated to loving your Fuzz Babies! If you have any questions about anything please feel free to ask!